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What Is Retroactive Medicaid Solutions?

A busy practice can have thousands of unpaid, and partially paid, encounters in their Patient Accounting System, with more being added every single month. Any of those encounters can become eligible for Retroactive Medicaid well after the patient’s initial visit. Unfortunately, the daily task of tracking and checking thousands of historic encounters to determine Retroactive medicaid eligibility status is virtually impossible, so many perfectly good billable opportunities will go unnoticed and expire beyond their respective timely filing periods.

Retroactive Medicaid Tracking

Med Service International and it’s partner provide a forensic claims approach by mining your data to find hidden and seemingly lost revenue opportunities. With the capability of tracking thousands of encounters daily and immediately alerts you whenever an historic encounter becomes eligible for retroactive reimbursement through medicaid or other MCO.

Pay Nothing

Our Retroactive Medicaid Solutions are 100% contingency based. Service includes the analysis and daily monitoring of unlimited encounters of for your practice. There are no set up fees, transactions fees, or fixed costs. Your practice pays nothing unless billable claims are found and the practice is reimbursed by the payer.

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