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Meet The Team

Delivering An Innovative Path To Financial Health

Our Founders

Jim Ness

Mr. Ness is a Clemson University graduate and was the Captain of the 1974 Clemson Football Team and an all ACC player. He is the owner of the Sunny Slope Peach Farm located in Spartanburg, South Carolina and Port Orange Marina Daytona Beach, Florida. As a successful real estate investor and multiple business entrepreneur, including Utopianet a server company in Greenville, SC, Mr. Ness brings extensive knowledge of business finance and strategy to MSI.

Mike Sherman

Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Sherman brings over 30 years of executive sales management and marketing experience. He is a proud Former Navy submariner. His business savvy and direction steers MSI towards multiple products and services that benefit the Healthcare community.

Ward Peters

Chief Marketing Officer
Mr. Peters brings over 40 years of Senior Level Management Experience as National Sales Director, Vice President and Executive Vice President to MSI.

Ron Bormann

Regional Vice President
Ron Bormann brings 40 years of insurance and financial services to the table. In addition, he has extensive marketing and sales skills to round out his outstanding qualifications. MSI’s visionary goals align perfectly with his customer service attitude.

Ron was born and raised in rural Clinton County Iowa. His parents instilled in him strong family values which include honesty, integrity and strong work ethic. He raised his three daughters on the same farm he was raised on with these same values. He and his wife have been married nearly 40 years and have 10 grandchildren.

Lonnie R. Cox

Regional Vice President
Areas of Expertise

Case Assignment Prioritization Special Operations Management

Multi-agency Task Force Management Criminal Investigations

Management of terrorism and counter-terrorism Federal Firearms Instructor

Gathering and Disseminating Human Intelligence Personnel management

Write Prosecute Reports Present Cases to Grand Jury and Federal Court

Background Investigation for Dept. of Justice Personnel, Federal judges, and Presidential Appointees

Our Valuable Board of Directors

Jim Ness

Mike Sherman

Bruce Crowther

Ward Peters

Ron Bormann

Terrance Green

At Med Service International, we put people first. From our employees to the clients we serve, people drive everything we do. The way we do business is just as important as the business itself. Our employees all understand the responsibility we bear as we work together toward our common goal: to advance the health care system for better health for all.
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