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Solving An Urgent Need Today's Medical Providers Are Currently Facing

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Headlines abound with “Healthcare’s ailing reimbursement system will likely take a turn for the worse, before it recovers.”

As a healthcare provider you strive to maintain high quality care to your patients, while complying with increasing regulatory requirements and scrutiny, managing your practice in an efficient and effective manner, all while ensuring payroll is met and expenses are paid.

With declining reimbursements, rising bad debt,capital constraints, health reform, rising costs, and ICD-10 conversions, Med Service International clearly understood that healthcare providers are finding it extremely challenging to provide the quality of care they once aimed for.

Med Service International was formed for the sole purpose of providing the healthcare industry with the highest quality services. We exist so you can focus on what you do best: providing 

Let Med Service International become your lifeline to help ease your financial worries.

Retroactive Medicaid Solutions

Never Miss A Retroactive Medicaid Opportunity Again
Retroactive Medicaid Solutions is a 100% contingency-based service. Our service includes daily tracking of unlimited encounters. There are no set-up fees, transaction fees or fixed costs. Your facility pays nothing unless Retroactive Medicaid Solutions finds billable claims and only after you are reimbursed by the payer.

24/7 Support

A MSI Representative Is Available 24/7 To Serve You.
Med Service International takes pride in providing physicians, hospitals, and facilities a portfolio of professional products and services at significantly discounted rates, to help cope with a medical environment of increased regulations, along with ever increasing operating expenses. We welcome your questions and feedback.

What Is Retroactive Medicaid Solutions?

A busy practice can have thousands of unpaid, and partially paid, encounters in their Patient Accounting System, with more being added every single month. Any of those encounters can become eligible for Retroactive Medicaid well after the patient’s initial visit. Unfortunately, the daily task of tracking and checking thousands of historic encounters to determine Retroactive medicaid eligibility status is virtually impossible, so many perfectly good billable opportunities will go unnoticed and expire beyond their respective timely filing periods.


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At Med Service International, we put people first. From our employees to the clients we serve, people drive everything we do. The way we do business is just as important as the business itself. Our employees all understand the responsibility we bear as we work together toward our common goal: to advance the health care system for better health for all.
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